Jeri is an educator, a mentor and an INSPIRATOR of the best kind. Whether you are a student, a co-worker, a friend or mentee she listens to learn and then tailors her advice or suggestions to just what you need. She has an amazing skill to adapt to new challenges and make every challenge look easy. Want to have an upbeat day, call Jeri–her positive approach to life will set you on course.

   CEO, Clark-Fox Family Foundation
   Founder, Build-A-Bear Workshop



“There are few people you meet who perfectly blend confidence and humility, knowledge and a thirst to learn, directness and correctness in a communication style. Over the years that I have known Jeri, I have been so impressed by her unique ability to bring a balanced approach to her professional relationships – always doing so with uncompromising integrity, a tremendous work ethic and a positive outlook. Jeri has my highest endorsement in whatever capacity she is asked to fulfill and would be a tremendous asset to any organization.”

    Mercy ROi


“Jeri Schultz was a powerful external voice during a recent panel and round table event at The Boeing Company discussing Empowering Women. Jeri’s vast experience and storytelling style had audience participants spellbound by her words and thirsting for more examples of how women ascend to successful leadership positions in the corporate world and in all walks of life.”

    VP, Global Diversity, Inclusion & Supplier Diversity


“Jeri knows how to connect people and recognizes their talents and strengths. She understands the human dimension of marketing and offers insight that enables leadership potential to flourish. I have enjoyed working with Jeri and meeting fellow professionals she has introduced to me”

    Leader: Appellate Practice and Trial Record Preservation Team
    Member: Business Litigation, Product Defense, Class Action Defense, and
    Insurance Coverage
    Sandberg Phoenix & von Gontard P.C.


I have had the pleasure of working with Jeri for United Way, and as part of leadership panel presentations. She is thoughtful, caring, energetic, optimistic, and compelling. I admire Jeri for the commitment she makes to up and coming talent, and actively fosters their development by making introductions, suggestions for their future career path, and provides ongoing sponsorship to them.

    Edward Jones

Jeri Schultz is not only a well-known leader in St. Louis she is also known as the leader who fosters Diversity Equity and Inclusion. Jeri often creates opportunities or provides access for women of color to participate in experiences they may not otherwise have access to. These experiences have provided me with the opportunity to cultivate my leadership skills, network with a diverse group of professionals and often build new relationships.

    M.A., Assistant Vice-President
    U.S. Bancorp Community Development Corporation